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Here you will find the latest collections of music NFTs that are currently available.
Please note that our music NFTS are unique and there can only be one unique token for each song. Each NFT that belongs to a collection has certain properties. Right now we have two music collections of NFTs available, below you can listen to them and also buy them with a music license.
Note that if you buy the music NFT you will have a lifetime NFT Music License for the Song Token. Check out the collections!

The Epic Album Music NFT Collection

The Epic album is an album which was composed by Ernesto Martin under the name of dragon dance music in 2020. The epic album consists of 19 songs in the style of instrumental epic music.
It is a concept album inspired by the world of fantasy, video games and adventure movies. Click in See This Collection for more details and click to PLAY button to listen the first album song.

The Dragon Dance Music NFT Collection

The collection of dragon dance music is based on the Chinese New Year culture.
They are composed music which are used in the Chinese dragon dances in the New Year festivity. Therefore they are songs and rhythms that are deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The music of the dragon dance is a whole philosophy and holds prosperity and fortune for the one who possesses the unique token.


The 12 Chinese Zodiac Songs NFT Collection

A collection inspired by the songs of the Chinese zodiac.
Composed of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, did you know that depending on the year in which you were born, you are one animal or another?
By purchasing the musical NFT of your animal, you can have a lifetime musical license for any project. Do you already know what your song is?


NFT Music

NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens. The technology behind NFT is based on the blockchain, a decentralized database of records. The data is then used to create and sell digital assets, like art. One of the main benefits of NFT is that it increases the value of existing digital assets. For example, NFTs are the most common form of ownership for digital artwork. An NFT is not a physical item, but it is a record of ownership. Unlike traditional property, NFTs cannot be duplicated and can only have one official owner at a time.

Non-fungible tokens are the currency used to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Many enthusiasts view NFTs as the future of e-commerce, but the truth is that they’re a digital trophy or a digital collector’s item. The value of an NFT can make you a multi-millionaire overnight.

Although NFTs seem useless, they do have their uses, and especially in the coming future where metaverses will dominate our lives.. A screenshot of a Van Gogh painting is free, but it is not a multi-million dollar piece of art history, because it is not the only piece the artist painted.
The NFT, on the other hand, gives that ownership value to whoever owns it.
An NFT is the closest thing to the original painting by Van Gogh but in our digital age. How much would you be willing to pay for it?

That’s why an NFT can be a digital file, jpg, png, pdf, mp3, mp4, etc. The value is given by the creator and he transfers his powers to the buyer who will have the original certificate of that creation.

As a result, real-world art is only as valuable as the market makes it. The more you share the content, the higher its value. This is why it’s worth paying attention to NFTs. This is a great way to make money in the digital age and be the possessor of something unique.

NFTs are a digital file that can only have one owner at a time. This allows you to sell your work to people from any country. The same goes for an NFT.
It’s an easy way to prove that your work is original and that it belongs to you.
If someone wants to use your NFT, they can do it in different ways but they will never be able to validate it, but you will be able to use it as the owner and you will be able to resell it.

What Is NFT Meaning Music?

It’s a way for artists to sell their music to fans directly.

Many fans love to support their favorite musicians, and buying their music is a great way to show them your support. However, you don’t need to be a musician to enjoy NFT. Here are the benefits of NFT.

As an artist, you have a lot of flexibility in creating the tokens you offer fans.

For example, you could give a song to a fan, and they’ll receive an album signed by the artist.

Or they can give concert tickets to their fans. This system works for musicians, and fans love to receive an exclusive experience.

The biggest benefit of NFTs is that they’re accessible to fans in all countries. Streaming and MP3s have a lot of benefits.
While the music industry has gone through phases of transition before, MP3s and streaming were ridiculed when they first appeared. Today, it’s at an inflection point, and many artists want more power. That’s why music NFTs are here to stay.

One big advantage of NFTs is that it allows artists to show off their talent and defend their strategies.

This gives fans an opportunity to connect with their favorite artists and get closer to them.

With the increasing popularity of NFT, international organizations are beginning to recognize NFT music. If you’re a musician and are interested in learning more about NFT, start listening to some of the popular music on NFT. They’ll help you find the best of the best new music out there.

The NFT music market has been a growing trend for several years. It is a new way for musicians to sell their own work. With its high-security standards, it’s more profitable than ever.

The underlying technologies are fast catching up with the demand for NFT music. With this growth in popularity, it’s important to understand the technology behind the technology and how it can help your business.

Ultimately, you can sell your own work by using NFTs.

The NFT music market has its advantages. The biggest benefit is that it provides a level playing field for artists. It prevents artists from being spread out by third-party platforms. It allows musicians to bypass the middlemen and other intermediaries.

In addition, NFTs eliminate the need to sell physical goods. It allows artists to sell products and services that they have created. In addition to this, they make more money than traditional distribution methods.

While most NFT music is not available in the mainstream, it is still worth checking out.

Not only does it provide artists with an opportunity to sell their music to fans, but it also allows them to make more money from it.

With this model, artists can sell their music for more than just the album itself. It’s possible for a musician to earn more than $2 million from selling an album. The NFTs are expected to rise in value over time. Right now you can buy a Dragon Dance Music NFT and you will be the owner of a musical NFT.