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Dragon Dance Music

Welcome to Dragon Dance Music Oficial!

Here you will find the latest collections of music that are currently available.
Please note that our music NFTS are unique and there can only be one unique token for each song. Each song that belongs to a collection has certain properties. Right now we have two music collections of NFTs available, below you can listen to them and also buy them with a music license.
Check out the songs of diferent collections!

The Epic Album Music Collection

The Epic album is an album which was composed by Ernesto Martin under the name of dragon dance music in 2020. The epic album consists of 19 songs in the style of instrumental epic music.
It is a concept album inspired by the world of fantasy, video games and adventure movies. Click in See This Collection for more details and click to PLAY button to listen the first album song.

The Dragon Dance Music Collection

The collection of dragon dance music is based on the Chinese New Year culture.
They are composed music which are used in the Chinese dragon dances in the New Year festivity. Therefore they are songs and rhythms that are deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The music of the dragon dance is a whole philosophy and holds prosperity and fortune for the one who possesses the unique token.


The 12 Chinese Zodiac Songs Collection

A collection inspired by the songs of the Chinese zodiac.
Composed of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, did you know that depending on the year in which you were born, you are one animal or another?
By purchasing the musical NFT of your animal, you can have a lifetime musical license for any project. Do you already know what your song is?