Dragon Dance Music

Dragon Dance Music

Welcome to the Dragon Dance Music site.
This is our new release for this Chinese new year !

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Behind this music site there is a whole team of composers who love oriental culture and the lion and dragon dances.

We compose music for Dragon Dance and everything around it.

What Is Dragon Dance Music ?

Dragon dance music is the music used in the traditional Chinese dragon dance.

dragon dance music

This music contains different rhythms with drums and cymbals to develop correctly this show.

Normally it is music only with percussion but you can find cases where the music has been composed for an entire orchestra where different melodies are going to develop.

The main characteristic of this music is that it is instrumental and has the function of marking the rhythm of the dancing dragon.

That is why it often has stops and ups and downs of dynamics to bring reality to the dance.

We love rhythms with great ancestral drums and that’s why we specialize in this.
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We can create any type of musical composition for your own use.

We also create music for the dragon dance parade.

Chinese dragon dance music mp3 download

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 Chinese Dragon Dance Music and The Instruments

The typical musical instruments used in dragon dance are:

Big drums even taikos

Cymbals or gongs

Look at these Toyvian Chinese Ancient Drum Musical Percussion Instruments for Kids:

Music For the Chinese Dragon Dance

Here is a Chinese Dragon dance song. You can hear the drums beating energetically and marking rhythmic patterns to perform the parade interpretation of the dragon dance.

The Chinese Dragon Dance Music is also used by the chinese dragon dancers to practice their movements.

This Dragon dance Chinese music was composed for the Chinese New Year celebration.

It is a music with big percussions and with a great orchestra.