How to Buy NFT Music

how to buy music nft

Today, any lover of the nft music world faces a very high barrier to start buying these tokens.

The world of nfts is relatively new and because of that there are steps in the process that are not so easy to do.

As the blockchain world becomes more popular the ways of trading nfts and cryptocurrencies will change.

Therefore, we wanted to make this tutorial on how to buy nft music, so that anyone who is interested in buying a music token knows the steps to go through today.

Getting started in the NFT world is not an easy task, as it requires a minimum of knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, in this post we explain how you can get started in this world as a buyer or creator.

What are NFTs?

The first step to get into the world of NFTs is obvious: to know what they are. There is a lot of misinformation about NFTs, so we 100% recommend you to read the post NFTs: What Does NFT Stand For?.

Broadly speaking, an NFT is a new form of digital property that is possible thanks to blockchain technology. We can make an NFT of anything: from an illustration, to representations of physical goods such as chairs or bottles of wine. The important thing is that we will always need a file linked to the NFT, which will usually be an image.

Choose the Blockchain

best blockchain to buy music nft

The second step to enter the world of NFTs is to know in which blockchain you are going to collect or create (mine) NFTs. Each blockchain is a different ecosystem with different decentralized applications (Dapps). It’s a bit like using MacOS or Windows: everything is similar and there are things in common but they are not the same. However, don’t worry because many people use several at the same time.

The most widely used blockchains are Ethereum and Tezos, although there are many more such as Binance, Solana and Cardano.

The main blockchain is Ethereum, as it was one of the first to make NFTs possible. This has made it the blockchain where there are more collectors and dapps, having the most developed ecosystem. The downside of this blockchain is that the gas fees, which are the fees you have to pay to make a transaction within the blockchain, at times can be quite high. This means that we will pay to create an NFT from $35 to any amount we can imagine.

Other blockchains like Tezos or Binance are much cheaper and we can create our NFT for 1-2$. This is because they use a more efficient validation system called PoS (Proof of Stake). However, we will do this at the expense of the possibility to reach more collectors and massive integration with Dapps.

 Creating a Wallet

best wallet to buy nft music

Recommended wallets: Metamask, Temple Wallet

Depending on the blockchain we want to use, we will create a wallet using one application or another. A wallet is something like a bank account or safe inside the blockchain in which we can have digital assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Each wallet has its unique address, just like bank accounts.

For Ethereum, the most used wallet is the Metamask browser extension, although we can also configure it to be used with Binance or Polygon.

On the other hand, if we want to use the Tezos blockchain, we have wallets and browser extensions such as Kukai or Temple Wallet.

Depositing cryptocurrencies in the wallet

Once the wallet is created, the process to deposit cryptocurrencies is the same for all of them, no matter which blockchain it is: we create an account in an exchange like Binance, Kraken or Coinbase and we transfer those cryptocurrencies to the address of our wallet.

What we do have to take into account is that the cryptocurrency we are sending corresponds to the blockchain of the cryptocurrency. So, for example, if we send BTC to an Ethereum wallet, we will lose it forever because that wallet does not exist. To understand it, it would be like using a Spanish account number using the IBAN (ES, AD, etc) of a foreign account.

In this post we tell you everything you need to know about Depositing and Withdrawing Cryptocurrencies in your wallet: from cryptocurrency ATMs to exchanges.

Buying and selling Music NFTs

Once we have cryptocurrencies in our wallet, we can buy or create NFTs. This will depend on whether we are creators (sellers) or collectors (buyers).

If we are creators, we will have to choose the marketplace in which we want to mine our first NFT. It will depend on our path the access we have to different marketplaces, since many of them have a curation filter, that is, there is an entry barrier. The best marketplaces to start with are Opensea and Rarible, as the entry barrier is zero or very easy to pass. You have a pretty comprehensive list of cryptocurrency marketplaces out there here.

Also, if you want to mine a free NFT, although it is not the most recommended, you always have the option of Mintable.

On the other hand, if we want a marketplace with a large community and on the Tezos blockchain, Hicetnunc, without a doubt, is one of the most recommended.

If what we want is to buy some NFT, you have a wide variety of marketplaces to choose from. In Ethereum, you can see this Complete Guide to NFT Marketplaces. The biggest marketplace, without a doubt, is Opensea. You can also get NFTs on specific collection sites, where they will have programmed it so that you only need to use Metamask for it.

You also have the option of collecting on marketplaces of other blockchains such as Hicetnunc (Tezos) or Binance NFT (Binance).

Cybersecurity and scams

Something to keep in mind in the NFT world is not to let your guard down and try not to fall for scams. There are many scams around the world and there are many projects that are not reliable.

The first thing to keep in mind is your own cybersecurity when surfing the internet with your wallet, so we put out this Security Guide for your Wallet and organized a Cybersecurity Resources page with Limbo Mask and Div Security.

What is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain

Blockchain technology is the technology used to exchange digital currencies, like bitcoin. It is a decentralized network, where the nodes each maintain a copy of the ledger.

Newly mined blocks are approved by the network. This technology is transparent and secure, since each participant is assigned an alphanumeric identification number.

The blockchains are decentralized, which means that each transaction is verified by the entire network. These networks are especially helpful for financial transactions, as it reduces the risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Blockchain can also help streamline processes between business partners and upstream and downstream ecosystems. The future metaverse will be based on the blockchain.

By using the technology, companies can streamline the exchange of data, reducing the need for intermediaries.

For example, if a company sells a product to a retail store, it can provide a link to the retailer’s website, so the customer can shop without having to wait for the seller to send it their product. Moreover, it is easy to implement blockchain for businesses.

There are various national and open standards bodies working on the protocol for the blockchain.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers are some of the bodies involved.

These bodies will define the protocol and guidelines for blockchain. These bodies will be responsible for creating the first public-facing blockchain standard. The standards will guide the use of the blockchain and help businesses adapt to its use.

In some cases, businesses may need immutability and inherent irreversibility, which are the foundations of blockchain. These features are key for transferring value and benefiting consensus.

For example, a transaction made in Bitcoin can be made instantly and without intermediaries. For a large business, these characteristics are essential.

The use of blockchain in financial transactions will change the concept of trust. Previously, lawyers and other intermediaries had to be trusted.

But Blockchain will eliminate these intermediaries and make the process more transparent. It will also eliminate the need for middlemen.

For example, a bank will no longer have to deal with the middlemen in a transaction. Because Blockchain will not compromise privacy, companies will be able to avoid payment delays and reduce fraud.

The blockchain will revolutionize contracts and transactions. Its promise is truly amazing. Some industry analysts have compared blockchain to the internet, which was not widely used until the last two decades. While the technology is still in its early stages, it will be worth investing in a company that can implement it.

Its ability to create new value will be invaluable to many industries. There are many advantages to adopting blockchain in your business. It is beneficial for all organizations, including small businesses and large corporations.

Ethereum blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized distributed computer platform with built-in Turing-complete programming language.

The Ethereum contract language is Turing-complete. In theory, it is possible to write arbitrary logic that can control any system.

A smart contract is a system of code that is composed of logic that determines the outcome of an event.

This technology can be used in a variety of systems, including crowdfunding, decentralized finance, exchanges, autonomous organizations, gambling, and prediction markets.

Ethereum is decentralized and secure, and is being adopted by banking systems to provide decentralized financial services.

The Ethereum system is backed by a global network, making it impossible for hackers to access any data. It can be used to track cargo in real-time and avoid counterfeit products.

It can also be used to run services that can track assets and help prevent misplacement or loss of property. It can be used to create smart contracts and automate a variety of processes.

The Ethereum network can also be used to create decentralized applications. The Ethereum community is developing a version of this platform that can be used for financial services.

A decentralized finance application can be built on the Ethereum blockchain and run without the usual intermediaries. Users can borrow against their cryptocurrency holdings and lend it out for interest.

Another use for the Ethereum blockchain is the creation of non-fungile tokens. These are virtual goods that are linked to real-world items. In addition to the traditional finance applications, the Ethereum network is also a popular platform for the development of NFTs.

The Ethereum network is designed to be as generalized as possible, and users can create custom programs or assets using the Ethereum protocol. These contracts can be written in any language and can be compared to a web browser or email.

The Ethereum blockchain is becoming more accessible. With its decentralized nature, millions of people can access the network.


What Does NFT Stand For?

what is nft

If you’re curious about NFTs, you’ve come to the right place. The acronym stands for “Non-Fungible Token“. This type of digital file is not interchangeable with other objects. This means that it can be bought and sold online, and it can be worth millions of dollars or less. The reason that people pay so much for these files is because they give people exclusive ownership of them.

For example in Dragondancemusic we offer exclusive music NFTs for their owners.

NFTs are digital assets that function as certificates of ownership. They’re stored in a blockchain. This technology ensures that you’ll know who owns what. In the case of a digital file, a limited number of NFT versions can exist, so this makes NFTs a valuable asset.

They works like a type of cryptocurrency that is created by using the same blockchain-based programming as a cryptocurrency. This means that if a digital asset is copied, all versions of that digital asset are copied. The blockchain also makes it possible to store the original version of any document. Therefore, NFTs are secure and trusted. Typically, these are held on the Ethereum blockchain, but other blockchains can also support them.

NFTs could been similar to autographed jerseys or baseball cards. In fact, they are a form of digital asset that can’t be duplicated. They’re also worth money, especially when you consider that you can sell your NFT for profit. If you’re an artist or photographer, music composer you might even be able to earn extra money off your NFT.

One way to improve the quality of video games is to include more NFTs. In order to create a better game experience, developers can make it easier to engage with players. For example, NFTs are already being used in popular mobile games.

Some even use them in sports games. These innovations will allow developers to offer more content to users. But what about NFTs in video games? While the future of gaming is bright, it is still in its early days.

The concept of using NFTs in video games has been on the market for a few years, but its potential is still in the development stage. Many players are excited about the idea of monetizing their games with NFTs.

The integration of blockchain technology into video games is a great opportunity for developers.

However, these new technologies are not without their own issues. While many gaming platforms are disposed toward supporting the addition of NFTs, some are still grappling with how to implement them without affecting game play.

For example, while implementing blockchain in games would allow players to trade virtual goods, it would also make it difficult for developers to sell their own goods.

Types of NFT?

If you’re looking for an exclusive item, you might be curious about NFTs. An NFT is a digital file with a limited amount of owners.

An NFT can be bought and sold for digital assets. Depending on the game, an NFT can be purchased for real money. In addition to being a virtual currency, an NFT can be used to purchase and sell in-game content.

An NFT can be made from virtually anything, including photos, videos, nft music and documents.
An NFT can be an MP3, WAV audio file.
Can be a video file MP4, GIF
Can be a photo or illustration JPG, PNG
To give you an idea Opensea is one of the main marketplaces for selling and buying NFTs.

If you want to create your own NFT you can too, the technical specifications to sell your nft on Opensea are:

File types supported:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • SVG
  • MP4
  • WEBM
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • OGG
  • GLB
  • GLTF

Max size: 100 MB

While the market for NFTs is booming, controversy surrounds the tokens, mainly because they use massive energy and computing power to create these assets. Many people worry about the effects of these tokens on the environment. Then, you might have to worry about the cost of NFTs. The price of NFTs fluctuates dramatically, and it can be a very expensive way to lose money.

What is The Metaverse

how is the metaverse

The word “metaverse” is a portmanteau of two words, which mean “meta”. The prefix comes from the Greek word for “universe,” and the word’meta’ is a synonym for “metaverse”

The idea of a metaverse has several advantages. It is an internet with more dimensions than the physical one. A person can experience two worlds at once. It can be created in different dimensions by allowing people to experience the same world from different viewpoints. Hence, it’s not a virtual world. Instead, it is a digital space where everyone can participate in various activities, such as gaming. And people can work, study, and interact anywhere in the metaverse.

The metaverse is a term used to refer to a universe beyond reality that is in a virtual dimension. Literally “meta” means “beyond” and verso is “turned”. So the metaverse is that which is beyond what surrounds you.

That’s why many call “the metaverse” the whole universe generated in the blockchain, since your identity is your wallet and serves you to access all content and places: from virtual worlds and galleries to marketplaces.

The metaverse validates the idea of NFTs and gives them meaning and all their property value, because in future metaverses that many companies, brands, video games are developing your NFTs properties will be validated and you will surely be granted privileges and powers.

“Metaverse” is used to refer to the shared virtual worlds, which can be made more realistic by the use of VR and AR. While it may sound like a fantasy, it’s a real world that is alive with possibilities. This concept is not limited to games; it can encompass anything. But there’s something incredibly intriguing about the concept that makes it the most talked-about technology in history.

It is an interesting concept that has been gaining popularity in the gaming industry. Fans of role-playing games know that there are virtual worlds in which people can interact with others. In a sense, the metaverse is a digital world that is not necessarily physical.

The Metaverse is going to become a reality

In the novel, Snow Crash, a fictional world called the metaverse is described. In this realm, people live digital lives, use digital avatars, and have teleportation abilities. The metaverse has already been referenced in Ready Player One, the popular film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s book. But, what exactly is the concept of the “metaverse?” It is an entire virtual space that is physically persistent and can be explored.

The metaverse is a network of virtual worlds that are connected thanks to the blockchain. Thus, worlds like Cryptovoxels and Decentraland belong to the same “whole” even though they are different projects. They have a shared economy and if I buy an NFT of an artwork, I can share it both in one and in another virtual world. Everything is connected by the same network.

The development of any metaverse involves the use of blockchain-based technology.

The term “Metaverse” isn’t a recent invention. Its concept is similar to the idea of a virtual world. In the novel, the metaverse is a virtual shared space with many people. In this world, there are virtual locations where people can buy items, meet other players, and create a new environment. In fact, the term “metaverse” is also used to describe the Facebook virtual world.

This term was first used in 1992 by Neal Stephenson. It refers to a virtual 3D environment populated by virtual people. The concept has been popularized in many science fiction media and has its own fans. But the term is still a speculative concept and is not yet a real entity. In this case, the metaverse is a network of virtual worlds, not a separate system.

Facebook Metaverse announcement (META)

In a 77-minute video, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described what the metaverse is and how it can change our world. In the first, utopian environments are created in which all of humanity can live and interact in a virtual world. It is also possible to create a personal home or business within the virtual world. While augmented and virtual reality are both useful tools for creating a social life, the metaverse is more powerful than either.

Mark Zuckerberg explained his own idea about the META metaverse (perhaps the new Facebook) where they are currently working. This metaverse combines multiple elements of technology into one virtual space. It allows users to participate in multi-dimensional interactions.

They can work, play, and even take virtual trips around the world. In the case of VR, the benefits of the metaverse are endless. As more people are working and going to school online, they are looking for ways to enhance the experience of online interaction. Despite the many challenges and risks, this virtual world is an exciting prospect for the future.


What is the metaverse? It’s a combination of multiple elements of technology, including video, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Proponents see it as a place to play, work, and do things. Its potential is vast. But for now, it’s not a real place, and it’s not a real world. In fact, it’s a speculative universe but that could change the world.

You should keep in mind that if you are a lover of Nfts you will probably find your favorite place in a metaverse parallel to your real life not too long from now.