Chinese Dragon Dance Costume

The dragon costume consists of a dragon head, a dragon body and a dragon tail.

chinese dragon dance costume

In the past, the dragon’s structure was made of wood or bamboo, covered with cloth. Nowadays the dragons are tried to build with very light and flexible materials to facilitate their manipulation even more.

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They have costumes 4 meters long and available in 7 colors, in addition, there are several models with silk printed fabric.

The chinese new year dragon dance costume is more suitable for the Chinese New Year’s celebration.

chinese new year dragon dance costume

The measurements of the dragon can vary, ranging from 6m, 10, 14, 18, 22, to 26 m.

The dragon costume is usually made with different colors.

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The color of the body or trunk of the dragon can be green to symbolize a great harvest, or yellow, representing the empire, gold and silver, are symbols of prosperity, and red and denotes the enthusiasm and good fortune of the holidays.

ancient chinese dragon dance

The dragon fabric is composed of head and body and in turn are united by the fabric that decorates the body that is divided into different sections or sections. Each section is managed by a member of the team.

When the dragon dance is performed at night it is necessary to light the candles on the dragon’s body, complemented with lanterns, lotus lights and other lanterns.