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Chinese New Year of The Dog


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Song Tempo 145 bpm
Length of the song 2:15
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental
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This song has been composed for the Chinese New Year of the dog. This music represents very well the festive character of the Chinese New Year.
It is a happy and energetic song, the musical motifs are pentatonic which transports us to China in the first musical bars.

As it always has to have large percussions to provoke strong emotions, this is achieved by adding large drums such as taikos.
The tone of this song is higher so it is closer to joy than to sadness and now it does have a mystical touch. The theme in MP3 ans wav is still trying to describe the personality of the dog.

The main melodic motif is played by a Chinese harp, which is supported by staccato reminiscent of pentatonic motifs.

In short, it is an ideal theme to represent the festivity of the Chinese year. After 50 seconds the theme takes a very surprising turn, suddenly there is a change of musical tonality that breaks the monotony, this can transport us to any other city in China.

The musical instruments remain the same but with even more energy and playing all in unison to end with a strong Chinese. And again the melody of the beginning is introduced with the Chinese harp.

Musical instruments that appear:

  • Chinese harp
  • Ropes section
  • Large percussion section
  • Chinese gong

The Dog

Because it is so closely linked to man in China, this sign is held in high esteem.

The dog has all the good qualities of this animal but stands out for its loyalty and humanity.

His loyalty is so deep that he will never abandon his loved ones and will not mind sacrificing his life for them.

His humanity will always accompany him and he will not hesitate to defend the rights of the weakest and fight against the injustices of the powerful, for which nature gave him good teeth.

When it comes to personal treatment, the dog does not give in easily.
It is not that it distrusts but that it needs time to get to know people because it does not accept just anyone in its life.

When he is sure that that person is worthwhile because he has enough human quality, he will let him pass and integrate him into his circle forever.

He is critical of what he does not think is right and will make his opinion clear even if it is not pleasant to hear.

Despite his occasional shyness, he is a sociable sign that values friendship and needs contact with others, and does not mind taking time to listen to their problems and offer them lucid solutions.

But the dog knows that life is hard. Very realistic, sometimes he falls into discouragement and finds it hard to see the good side of things.

That’s why he stands firm when bad news comes and doesn’t tend to sink in.

He knows that the world is full of dangers and with his fine sense of smell he is always on the alert to warn in time and protect what matters most to him.

He is able to detect negative energy in any circumstance because although realistic and objective, he also possesses an intuitive and spiritual side.

The dog is restless and always sleeps with one eye open; it likes sport and is a good worker, it does not admit pressure but is very constant; it does better in a team because it seeks the benefit of the group to its detriment and its tendency to see the bad side of things will be very useful in avoiding disasters in the company.

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