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Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster


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The song of the fire cock is a reference as Chinese New Year music.

It has a totally mysterious beginning since it is not very well known what is going to happen, if it is suddenly going to seem like a melody played by a Chinese instrument, or on the other hand, percussion hits.

Well, the first thing that appears is a Chinese harp with a totally pentatonic melodic motif and the percussions are introduced little by little.

All this is supported by a base with a string section with quavers, the theme grows and what was an introduction becomes a song that takes shape.

The harp continues to transport us to beautiful China and the percussions cause tension in the atmosphere.
Suddenly, a part arrives which is as close as possible to a rest, and then the rhythm of the giant drums returns.

It is a quiet song ideal as Chinese background music, the pentatonic motifs transport us at all times to this magical country.

Musical instruments that appear in this song:

  • String section, staccato strings
  • Chinese gong
  • Chinese Harp
  • Pentatonic flute
  • Percussions, taikos drums

The Chinese Rooster

You are a rooster if you were born in:

1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029

The rooster is brave and colourful, and is not the king of the pen for nothing.

It is a great protector that takes care and offers everything it has to its loved ones.

Even if he doesn’t eat, he will give his chickens all the worms he finds scratching the earth in the henhouse, and even if he is in danger of death, he will face the fox that is looking for a crack to steal at night.

It is not that he overestimates his abilities, it is that he throws himself without thinking of the consequences and often stumbles.

The rooster can have two opposing personalities and either does its best to attract the attention of the group and strut its stuff by shaking its beautiful plumage or it struggles in constant anguish without any joy for life.

On the social side he loves to participate and is a good conversationalist who encourages any meeting and will do his best not to go unnoticed, not caring about being ridiculous at times.

In his dark side he will always have some worry in his mind that will take away the joy and that although it may be absurd to anyone, it can come to suffocate him.

He is frank and direct and if asked about any subject he will not hesitate to speak his mind or criticise it even at the risk of shocking people so much that they end up disliking him. He does not mean to hurt, but he does not know diplomacy and defends his opinions firmly whenever he has the chance.

The rooster does not usually let his inner self be seen and often gives an image of a superficial person when in reality he tends towards the intellectual and seeks depth in all matters.

If it manages to feel comfortable and is able to open up, it discovers a being that is delicate and sensitive to its surroundings.

He can become his own worst enemy because he is too aware of his moods and worries.

This causes him to have sudden mood swings and go from anger to maximum happiness, disconcerting the people around him.

When he takes his vanity and arrogance out for a walk he can provoke conflict because he will not tolerate being ignored and will demand support for his opinions and encouragement for his activities.

On the positive side the rooster is a good person who forgets his needs so that others feel good.

The best thing that can happen to him is that he loves his work because he will not limit himself to fulfilling the obligation but will continue to research tirelessly to develop it more each day.

He is intelligent, practical, detail-oriented to the point of perfection and so good at organizing that he turns any Herculean task into a simple job.


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