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Chinese New Year of the Goat


Music ideal for the chinese new year.Standard music license from only $15

Files included 1 WAV, 1 MP3 ( High Quality) 320 kbps & 16 bit Stereo, 44.100 khz
Song Tempo 140 bpm
Length of the song 2:14
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental
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This song begins with a Chinese harp, which quickly adds to the Chinese character.
The Chinese New Year starts on a different date every year, this is different from the Western world. This track is royalty free so you can purchase a license for your project by Mp3jungle.
The song has a festive character but it has a quiet rhythm.
The string section creates a funny rhythm that is ideal for a Chinese dance.
This song doesn’t have much percussion but it’s ideal to describe a Chinese place.

This song is a best seller!, also known by the title:
Chinese Harp Cinematic

There are many changes of instruments which gives a lot of variety of timbre.

Instruments that appear:

  • Staccato string section
  • Chinese harp
  • Piziccato strings
  • Chinese percussion box

The Goat

The people born in these years are Goat in the Chinese horoscope:
1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

The goat is so emotional, tender, sweet, cuddly, endearing, loving and good… that it was born to be loved and treated well.

With a developed sense of aesthetics, the goat needs to be surrounded by art and beauty and if it does not succeed, it does not hesitate to create them itself, because creativity is not lacking.

It lives in its own fantastic world in which peace and good taste reign. Chaos and violence alter its psychological balance.

As practical life was not made for her, she needs to find a sponsor to support her. She does not mind being dependent until the end of her days.

And the sponsor does not care to bear all her expenses either, because just by having this sweet and kind being around, she will feel well paid.

Work and routine life are not made for his artistic mentality and he prefers to spend his time in hardship rather than in ordinary or annoying activities.

He feels that he is born to be an artist or to be of invaluable help to others in bad times. That is his role in life, and he does it better than anyone else.

With her intuition and her irresistible charm she manages to attract people who she knows will not fail her, who will flatter her and love her forever, however vague and impractical she may be.

It is impossible to get angry with her, as she has such charm and lets herself go so well that she will convince anyone to continue protecting her and giving in to her whims.

She is an inveterate romantic who needs love in her life. She conceives the love relationship as a path of flowers in which she is the only object of her beloved’s attentions.

In turn, she will reciprocate with infinite signs of tenderness and true love.

Relationships should never be stormy or violent although she does like games and mysteries but they should not reach the point of leaving her unprotected.

You can play with jealousy but deep down you will respect your partner’s freedom.

Above all, she does not want to suffer for love, and if she is rejected, she will not gloat over her grief but will soon leave in search of a new love.

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