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Chinese New Year of the Horse


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Length of the song 2:13
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental
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Another magical and inspiring song that takes us back to China and the Chinese New Year.
The song begins with a Chinese harp melody and then introduces the whole song.
It is unbelievable how only a harp supported by the string section can compose one of the most beautiful introductions to Chinese instrumental music.

Throughout the piece, the musical tonality changes to constantly surprise the audience.
The percussions will not stop playing to keep reminding the festive character of the song.

Other titles for this song: Spring festival music

This song contains these instruments:

  • Chinese harp
  • String section
  • Section of cellos
  • Marimba
  • Big percussions

The Horse

Within the Chinese horoscope, the people born in these years are the animal Horse
1906,1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

The horse is a noble sign that will proclaim itself the standard-bearer of justice, equality and human rights, dragging the crowds to join in its struggle, for it has the makings of a leader and seeks unconditional followers to carry out its orders.

He needs to be surrounded by people who flatter him and satisfy his pride and self-esteem. But above all, he must not be contradicted: he always has the truth.

However, he is a capricious being who follows his often irrational instincts. He has childish and runaway reactions, bordering on the dramatic, when faced with the pain or difficulties of life.

He acts guided by his emotions and does only what he feels passionate about, he cannot be asked to do anything he does not feel.

For this reason he rarely achieves emotional stability.

The horse does not hide its thoughts or moods, it is friendly and has a good presence.

It is very popular and participates in the group’s activities and in any matter that passes in front of it, because in general it likes to live and knows how to enjoy the present moment.

His life will be a continuous happening of all the shades that he will provoke with his constant restlessness.

He has the appearance of a strong and resolute person but inside he is insecure and sometimes hurts himself by annihilating his innate capacity for success.

It is his pride that hurts him the most as it makes him a rigid and inflexible person who accepts neither his defects nor the bad things that happen in his life, and is incapable of showing humility, accepting advice or changing his way of seeing life.

The horse feels that life and love are indissoluble. For such an emotional being, love makes him become the best version of himself.

When he is in love he is more docile and flexible and his pride may even decrease.

He will love life even more and will use his imagination to keep the relationship growing to infinity. The absence of love in his life causes him great dissatisfaction and emotional imbalance.

He is very good at the art of seduction, with his elegant presence and his romantic and passionate air it will be difficult to resist, especially when he uses his fine sense of humour to reach the chosen person.

She has a great facility for falling in love and does so with such enthusiasm that her priority will always be the loved one.

If he is abandoned for a just reason he will feel bad about giving up his soul without analyzing whether the person deserved it, but if the break-up is the result of a betrayal, he will be upset to the point of going mad and will want to take revenge.

The best partners for the horse are: Tiger, Horse and especially Goat.

You should avoid the relationship with: Rat and Ox.

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