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Chinese New Year of the Ox


Files included 1 WAV, 1 MP3 ( High Quality) 320 kbps & 16 bit Stereo, 44.100 khz
Song Tempo 125 bpm
Length of the song 2:14
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental
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Other Names Asian Flute Song, Chinese Flute Music


This song is in the category of Chinese New Year Music but is a quieter song to correspond to this celebration.
The main motive of the song is a Chinese melody played on a bamboo flute.
The bamboo flute is an instrument that originated in China, so the audio track is inside the relaxing Chinese bamboo flute music.
The song has a quiet tempo, which makes it ideal as Chinese relaxing music.

This melody with the Chinese bamboo flute can remind us of landscapes like the Great Wall of China and the great mountains of Tibet. This song is perfect as asian flute music

Chinese Bamboo Flute Music

The bamboo flute is a musical instrument which is used all over the world. In India it enjoys much popularity and respect.
Bamboo is a material which has been used to build different musical instruments. The bamboo has been built different types of flutes and also the Australian instrument didgeridoo. With the bamboo also drums are made even also western instruments have been made how they can be clarinets or saxophones.
How much is the use of the bamboo that even has been introduced in the manufacture of ukulele guitars.
The bamboo has the flexibility of the wood and has a warm and smooth timbre.
Chinese music with bamboo flute is ideal for meditation or relaxation.
This particular audio track can transport us to the region of China with a very deep feeling.

Tho Ox

The Chinese horoscope Ox is the second sign of the Chinese zodiac. It is also known as Buffalo.

If you were born in these years you are:

THE OX (1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021)

It represents the prosperity obtained through effort, work and tenacity. People in the sign of Ox are methodical, serious, logical, patient, courageous and altruistic.

However, in a negative sense, they can be intolerant and rigid. What else interests you about the personality of Ox?

With a traditional and pragmatic mentality, comparable to the Capricorn of the Western horoscope, he will enjoy quiet and harmonious surroundings, and will try to avoid disputes at all costs, as tensions destabilise him.

It is one of the most faithful signs in the Chinese horoscope. In couple it can get to be possessive and jealous: it demands fidelity because she/he is it.

Stable, homely and sincere, the Ox needs to feel very loved to go out of their natural reserve and offer their most tender part.

Intelligent, ambitious and down-to-earth, their main concern is to obtain security in all its facets: economic, mental and emotional.

Risks do not excite him; he prefers to study all aspects of an issue before making any decision.

A tireless worker, he will be valued for his honesty, loyalty and companionship. An Ox’s word is totally reliable.

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