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Chinese New Year of The Rabbit


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Song Tempo 140 bpm
Length of the song 2:10
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental
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Another song that defines the Chinese New Year very well with a simple but very characteristic Chinese rhythm.
It is an audio track with a lot of oriental character, it has a quiet beat but it has rhythmic stops that give it a very interesting touch.

For example, it is an ideal song for presentation of images, photos, trips. The song surprises like a happy Chinese dance.

Suddenly, in the middle of the song about 50 seconds there is a part that surprises.

The rhythmic density decreases and a melody transports us completely to the enchanted city of China. This part is ideal to highlight beautiful images from the neighbourhood.

Musical instruments appearing:

  • Udu Drum
  • Marimba
  • Chinese harp
  • String section
  • Chinese gongs

The Rabbit

You are Rabbit if you were born in any of these years:
1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2024

Rabbits love stability, comfort, studies, books, art and social life.

If he turns his back on vulgarity and conflict, Rabbit does not hesitate to join in an argument if he believes that the limits of his tolerance have been crossed.

For your own sake, take care not to interrupt a Rabbit at the wrong time, or get too close to his personal space. Because if it seems harmless on the surface, a potentially ferocious feline sleeps inside it.

Let’s not forget that in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the Chinese sign of the Rabbit is replaced by a Cat from which it inherits the same attributes.

Ambitious and talented, discreet and sensitive, the Rabbit is one of the most literate signs of the Chinese zodiac, in addition to its oratorical and commercial skills. The Rabbit is an attentive, pleasant and indulgent friend, most of the time charming and a good listener.

However, the Rabbit can also be stubborn and susceptible, which can push him into uncontrollable bursts of anger.

If Rabbits are willingly romantic, that doesn’t mean that they sacrifice their tranquility on the altar of a great, passionate love.

Never completely comfortable with the world of emotions, Rabbits seek the security of their home and a safe haven.

A comfortable nest, good meat and a private space, is almost all one needs to satisfy and keep a Rabbit at one’s side.

In business, the Rabbit is a good strategist who can take advantage of any type of delicate situation thanks to his analytical ability, his patience and his incomparable style, qualities which people who stop their judgement on appearances and on the artifices of money cannot detect.

Therefore, the Rabbit can never be mistreated for too long by those who have the audacity to confuse his kindness with naivety and who think, wrongly, that they can enjoy his services at low cost.

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