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Chinese New Year of The Snake


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Length of the song 2:16
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This song was composed for the Chinese New Year of the snake so we can appreciate the festive character of this mp3. It is ideal for videos celebrating the Chinese New Year.

This track is preferred by video producers to convey the feeling of the Chinese New Year. It has a lot of energy due to the speed and instrumentation that it is composed of.
The theme refers to the Chinese wall and more wonders of China, is very inspiring and motivating.
There is a version of this song that includes lyrics.
“I was born in the land of the Dragon”

The musical instruments that appear are:

  • Strings spicattos
  • Great percussions, taikos
  • Chinese Harp melody
  • Woodwind
  • Chinese Gong

In China the year of the snake is celebrated every 12 years.
Here we have the years in which the snake dominates:

The Snake, (1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025)

The snake is, along with the Dragon, the most respected sign in the East because its hidden vibrations turn it into a mystical and mysterious sign.

Inwardly it is a whole energy that goes unhurriedly but without pause toward a certain objective that never escapes it.

Almost always she acts guided by her magnificent intuition, which in her case becomes wisdom since she is not usually wrong when she starts walking.

Since she knows that she will arrive safely at her final destination, she does not mind getting out of the way or making detours because sooner or later she will return to the right direction, guided by her sixth sense.

The snake is in the same way intelligent and constant, a perfect combination to arrive where it wants and to stand out in a group. It senses its opponent’s weak points and uses its intelligence to disarm him and take him to his terrain without his noticing.

The snake is elegant, cultured and has a great sense of aesthetics. Very rational, it has cold blood to calculate all aspects of a subject as a strategist in battle. He knows that he will succeed in whatever he sets out to do even if he has to use his seductive and not always clean arts, which doesn’t keep him awake at night. In case problems arise, he is able to solve them in an almost miraculous way. But if in any case he fails, he will feel weak and may even tend to self-destruction.

He likes social life, especially at a high level. She is sociable and an excellent conversationalist because she is very wise and has a wide range of topics to talk about. She likes to be appreciated, admired and needed by others, which is easy because she has great magnetism and capacity of seduction. But she can be vengeful in front of betrayals or when they disobey her.


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