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Chinese New Year of The Tiger


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Song Tempo 190 bpm
Length of the song 2:22
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental
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A new royalty-free song that defines very well the Chinese New Year celebration.
This audio track is very energetic, again we have traditional Chinese music instruments.

The main melody is played by a Chinese harp, the string section is also outstanding and as always the percussion is in charge of giving that great touch to the song.

However, when we approach what we can call the chorus of the song, a new musical instrument is introduced. The flute, which this time takes care of bringing the melody into unison with the harp.

The drums do not stop playing and this gives us the festive character we need to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

It is a festive and joyful theme, with pentatonic melodies and major tonality.

We can see that the end of the song becomes very rhythmic and aggressive but without leaving aside the melody.
This is due to wanting to show the personality of the Tiger reflected in the music, the percussion will not stop playing until the song ends, which is a great song to end with fireworks.

Musical instruments that appear in the song:

  • Chinese Harp
  • Bamboo flute
  • Big percussions, Taiko drums, Chinese gong
  • String section

The Year of the Tiger

In the Chinese horoscope you will be a tiger if you were born in the following years:

(1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

The tiger, within Chinese culture is considered the animal or “the symbol of passion”.

It is a bold, courageous and adventurous being. Just as in nature, the tiger inspires fear and respect in some animals, so do tiger people.

A tiger will never be weak, will never become a prey, may fall into dispute with others but will not give up its arm and even less so if it is right.

Tiger people can be a little intense and this generates distress, confusion and sometimes, discomfort.

They know how to live life to the fullest, they are enthusiastic, their joy is contagious.

The tiger has always been an animal with an impressive dynamism.

Everyone who has been close to a “tiger” feels connected to the energy that invades this majestic animal.

In Chinese culture, this animal not only symbolises passion, but also power.

The tiger is an unpredictable animal, it can change its mood repeatedly because of the way it is so risky, but what may seem to be an unbreakable being can actually have some weak points that make it drop its guard.

The personality of a person belonging to the Chinese tiger horoscope is charming although, there may be factors that completely ruin his way of being so kind and respectful.

Tigers hate orders. They are strong, life often makes the most difficult tests but they will always overcome them. The tiger may fall again and again, but he will always keep trying. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the bravest animals in the Chinese horoscope. If the situation becomes difficult, don’t worry! Your friend “tiger” will know how to fix things.

This animal is a bit conceited, he is aware of the power he has and wants everyone to know about it. Both men and women tigers are a bit hesitant, even if they have a wardrobe full of clothes (all kinds and colours) they will never know what to wear and will always want to have more, much more! In fact, they can become compulsive accumulators, feeling that nothing they have is enough.

Definitely, if within your circle of friendship is a tiger person, you will never be bored, they have a great sense of humor, very contagious too. Tigers are nice, they like to have fun, they know perfectly well the meaning of “a good party”. In the work environment they can become good colleagues and/or excellent bosses, no wonder a tiger is promoted, as he will always give his best.

The tiger will always think of his family, he firmly believes that family unity is the most important thing, he can become an excellent father. Both male and female tigers have a lot to give in the family environment.

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