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The Chinese Dragon Dance is a traditional dance of Chinese culture.

It is usually performed during the Chinese New Year celebration.

The music of the dragon dance is performed only with percussion instruments. The music is rhythmic patterns with large drums and Chinese cymbals, which have been composed to accompany the dancing dragon.

The music accompanies a choreography that has been previously rehearsed and everything is usually measured.
The dragon that is danced by several people. It takes 9 or 10 people to hold the body of the Chinese drgon. Each person holds a section of the body with a stick that will move in coordination with the other performers.
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The music of the dragon dance has to have changes of rhythm for the dance to be dynamic. Often the dragon moves by changing direction, and can also go faster or slower.

The Chinese dragon represents wisdom, power and wealth, that is why its dance is key within the Chinese New Year celebration.

It is said that the more extensive the figure of the dragon, the more prosperity and good luck it will bring.

The music has to be energetic and powerful, we have to take into consideration that the dragon is one of the most powerful and desired animals of the Chinese culture. So much so, that people usually schedule the birth of their children in the years that the dragon will dominate.
In Chinese culture, an animal from the Chinese zodiac rules every year. See Chinese zodiac music royalty free.

The cultural background of a millenary civilization like the Chinese is extremely rich and interesting.

Over the centuries, many of its technological, cultural and medicinal advances have spread around the world, influencing even countries and cultures far from the great Eastern country.

China is a country proud of its tradition, showing it permanently to the delight of locals and foreigners who wish to know more about the rich history of the country.

One of those traditions are the different styles of dance that are practiced throughout the eastern territory.

⭐️About Chinese Dragon Dance

dragon dance chinese new year music

Probably one of the best known outside China. The dragon dance is a dance in which a group of people disguise themselves as this mythical figure, moving in a sinusoidal way as dragons are believed to move.

While this happens, martial artists and acrobats accompany the dragon’s path that will result in the completion of the New Year’s celebrations and the beginning of the Lantern Festival.

The shape and colors of the dragon depend on what each region desires: green is the symbol of a good harvest, yellow represents fortune and red is traditionally associated with good luck.

In addition, it is traditionally believed that the longer the costume, the better the fortune.

Gradually, the dance of the “dragon” has become an indispensable way for people to express good wishes and pray for a good life.

Especially at festive festivals, people dance the “dragon” with their hands and express their joyful emotions.

There are hundreds of types of dragon dances throughout China, after thousands of years of spread and development, the forms of expression are even more diverse.

The popularity of dragon dance is inseparable from its massive and entertaining nature.

Folklore: “Playing with grass dragons at the age of seven or eight, playing with dragons at the age of fifteen or sixteen and dancing dragons in young adults”.

When playing with dragons, there are at least one or two people, and hundreds of people dance to a big dragon. The most common one is called “Fire Dragon”. When the Fire Dragon dances, it is usually accompanied by dozens of cloud lights, and often dances at night, so “Fire Dragon” has another name called “Dragon Lantern”.

When they played Dragon Lantern, there were dozens of big guys holding the dragon and walking up and down in the cloud lantern, sometimes getting up, sometimes diving and changing, sometimes there are firecrackers, fireworks, and there is a tendency to get up into the clouds and drive the fog!

Downstairs is full of hundreds of carnival people, gongs and drums humming together, it’s spectacular, very lively!

This majestic scene greatly stimulated people’s emotions, invigorated and inspired them.

Therefore, the dance of the “dragon” has become an indispensable movement to maintain the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and also reflects the heroic spirit of the Chinese people to fight against heaven and earth .

⭐️Legend of the dragon dance

According to the legend, long time ago, the Dragon King of the East China Sea was sick, his waist hurt, his heart hurt and his whole body itched, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

He asked the Dragon Doctor in the whole Dragon Palace, but nobody cured him.

The Dragon Mother asked the Dragon King to visit famous doctors.

There was one famous doctor who had excellent skills and he cured him.

As a thank you, the Dragon King asked him what he wanted for having cured him.

The famous doctor told the Dragon King about the flood of water in his hometown, hoping that the Dragon King would be able to improve this situation.

The Dragon King accepted the request and then the city’s situation improved thanks to the Dragon King’s actions.

Then, every Chinese New Year, people will make big dragons, beating drums and gongs, and go out happily to the streets to dance dragons.

After that, a habit was formed and the dragon dance was passed down from generation to generation.

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