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Dragon Dance in Beijing


Dragon Dance Music ideal for martial arts videos

Files included 1 WAV, 1 MP3 ( High Quality) 320 kbps & 16 bit Stereo, 44.100 khz
Song Tempo 170 bpm
Length of the song 2:12
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental with percussion
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This is a best seller song. It represents all the strength and purity of the Chinese dragon dance.
Its beginning with the percussion hits with cymbals, quickly introduces us to the rhythm for dancing the dragon.

After thousands of years of development, there are many types of Dragon Lanterns:

Dragon lanterns are made of straw, bamboo dragons are made of bamboo, cloth dragons are sewn with cloth and bench dragons are connected by long benches.

Today, dragon dance also has great international appeal, and has become a unique Chinese culture in the eyes of foreigners, people are amazed at the spectacular interpretation of the Chinese dragon dance

The dragon is the symbol of the Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of China, as well as the emblem of the Chinese nation.

It is the embodiment of power. The dragon’s lantern also means “pray for the Yellow Emperor, hoping to have a” dragon child “in his own house”.

In this way, the dragon dances everywhere. In the activities, there are often some formulas, exquisites and words related to “Dragon and Dong”.



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