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Dragon Dance in London


Dragon Dance Music ideal for Chinese New Year

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Song Tempo 166 bpm
Length of the song 1:52
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental, Like Manao Drums
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London has a deep-rooted Chinese culture, so much so that the Chinese New Year celebration is mandatory.
That’s why this audio track belongs to the Dragon Dance performance in London.

As you can see it is a very energetic theme. It has a very direct introduction, as it starts directly with a big drum beat.
You can also hear the typical Chinese gong, however, there is some tension and the rhythm is retained until the second 12, which is when the dragon starts dancing.

Actually in the second 21 is when all the energy of this Chinese dragon dance music is discharged, the song is short, just 2 minutes long is good to show what happens musically in a dragon dance.

Chinese Culture in London

This interpretation of rhythm corresponds to a group of Chinese martial arts.
Chinatown is the Chinese stronghold of the British capital.
It is one of the most lively, bustling and colorful areas of London.
Located in the heart of Soho, it is not wasted.

Go through the big red and gold doors and move to another time, another place, another culture.

Being in Chinatown is like being in two countries at once: East China and the British Kingdom. Discovering its exotic delicacies and curiosities is not lost.

The first area called Chinatown was located in Limehouse in the East End of London. In the early 20th century, they established businesses that supported the Chinese sailors who frequented Docklands.

This area began to become known, according to some somewhat exaggerated reports, and legends, more as an area of (legal) opium smoking and poor housing.

After World War II, however, the growing popularity of Chinese cuisine and the influx of immigrants from Hong Kong led to a growing number of Chinese restaurants. The area was damaged by a bombing in World War II, although a number of elderly Chinese still prefer to live in this area.

Today’s Chinatown, on Shaftesbury Avenue in London, did not begin to be established until the 1970s. Until then, this was part of the Soho area.

In 2005, the real estate developer Rosewheel proposed a plan to redevelop the eastern part of Chinatown. This plan was opposed by many of the existing minorities in Chinatown, as they believe that the redevelopment will worsen the commerce of traditional Chinese stores in the area and change the ethnic character of Chinatown.


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