The Dragon Song

The Dragon Song

The Dragon (1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024)

The dragon is venerated in China, among other reasons, for being the only mythical animal of the zodiac, and its main quality is that of being reborn from its own ashes.  It is so true that dragon people have an extraordinary capacity to recover from extreme situations.

The dragon is very showy and never goes unnoticed. Its great energy and dazzling personality allow it to face any danger. As he knows he will be victorious, he is not afraid to face new challenges or conflicts; on the contrary, he likes to take risks. He always aims high, and everything he does is imbued with enthusiasm. He needs a goal to live for and this will always be controversial and transcendent because he hates humble projects.

Confident, he likes himself just as he is, without caring about the opinion of others or being influenced by anyone. He attracts the masses with his fascinating personality and manages to convince the majority even if he has to impose himself or leave aside the discordant ones. He does not take orders, he is the boss and the centre of all meetings.

Personally he is a magnanimous and faithful friend who offers good advice although he also loves to criticize. He does not accept his faults or strive to change because he believes himself to be in possession of truth and perfection.

The Dragon and Love

He is so charismatic that he will arouse great love interest but he will not take care of the hearts he destroys along the way. He will look for an original person to be proud of who can live up to him. And of course he will admire and encourage him to feed his fire. His lovers will forgive him everything and will be eternally grateful to him for having noticed them.

To seduce him, you must show an apparent weakness so that he feels he can lead the relationship, but in reality you will have to be strong inside to support his tremendous ego. In love he needs to feel free, so he will not put up with being smothered or coerced with blackmail. If this happens, he will turn around no matter what pain it causes.

The best partners for the dragon are: Rat, Monkey and especially Rooster.

You should avoid the relationship with: Dog and Rabbit.

The Dragon and Money

At one point he can go from wealth to misery but he doesn’t worry about it because he likes risk and knows how to adapt well to any situation. However, he is so lucky that he will never live in poverty. His goal in undertaking a project will not be to earn money but to take action, the money will come without him noticing.

He likes to live well and spend on luxury, through which he shows his creativity. But he is also very generous to friends and people in need unless he disagrees, in which case he will not offer a penny.

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