The Ox Song

The Ox Song

The Ox (1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021)

Here is the Ox song:

The ox takes its time in getting close to others but when it does it is forever because once it decides to start any business, it pursues its goal with great perseverance until the end. He is so responsible that he will have enough patience and courage to carry out long term projects.

Before starting, he analyses all aspects and once decided he will not deviate from his objective even when difficulties arise, to which he will act in cold blood.

Personally he is a faithful friend and although he tends to hide his emotions, he loves his friends and positive people. You can count on him to keep a secret or ask for help. However, he also feels good about being alone. What he does not like is to waste time with useless talk and mediocre people.

In his quiet way, the ox is an invincible and persevering warrior who does not like to fail. But be careful because he will always remember the people who hurt him and will not hesitate to give them what they deserve.

 In Love

As with everything it undertakes, the ox will also take its time before establishing a love relationship.  The affective world is complex for him and makes him distrustful, so he will need to know his partner before committing himself. But once he has decided to give himself up, he will be sensual, tender, romantic, passionate and even original. Being the most traditional sign of the zodiac, he likes solid, long and comfortable relationships, and reacts badly to betrayals and can return the damage received.

He likes to be loved and entertained and to seduce him you have to offer him emotional security and material comfort, and talk about eternal love.

The best partners for the ox are: Rooster, Snake and especially Rat.

You should avoid the relationship with: Goat and Horse

With the Money

The ox is materialistic and likes to earn money, with which it maintains a good relationship since it knows all its movements. He knows how to use the money he earns well and although he does not like luxury, he loves comfort and having a good quality of life. He never wastes and knows how to live with the essentials but having all his needs covered because he manages money better than any other sign. In the face of this attitude, he can be accused of being greedy but in reality he only pretends to live with what is necessary.

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