The Rabbit Song

The Rabbit Song

Rabbit (1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2024)

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Apparently serene and balanced, the beautiful rabbit is the most fortunate sign in the Eastern horoscope. It has many virtues, is refined, cultured, lover of luxury and beauty and so diplomatic that it does not support the discussions and only loses the calm in extreme situations or when its security is in danger.

He is a passive dreamer who does not fight to change the world but only wants to mold it as it suits him. He can even pretend and act in cold blood if it means getting what he wants. He hides his cunning behind an apparent fragility and does not feel guilty about it; after all, he was born to take advantage of any situation by using his intelligence and weaknesses.

Personally, he is discreet and not very accessible, capable of listening to and understanding others but not of getting involved in their problems. It is difficult for him to commit himself emotionally because he is so sensitive that he fears suffering, so he runs away when he has to take risks in a relationship or make a delicate decision. He does not want to be distressed by anything, he seeks harmony and physical and emotional tranquility. This attitude makes others see you as a cold, distant or even cynical person, but you can’t help it because you always follow your own pace and don’t care.

The Rabbit in Love

His sensitive nature leads him to fall in love continuously, without caring about being unfaithful. He is an eternal and irresistible seducer. Always rational in love, he never loses his head, no matter how conflicted and crazy his relationships are. He will never tolerate reproaches or shouting, he will go somewhere else without saying a word because he cannot stand bad manners or feeling trapped.

On the other hand, in the short distance he is tender and romantic and does not want to share his partner with other people. Love is very important in his life, even to merge with the loved one, so it suffers greatly when they leave him.

In order to seduce him, you must offer him comfort and speak to him in a naughty way, invite him to go out, to travel, and always respect his privacy.

The best partners for the rabbit are: Goat, Pig and especially Dog.

You should avoid the relationship with: Dragon and Rooster.

The Rabbit with the Money

Refined and a lover of luxury, he loves money and if he has it he will take it with him to meet these needs at any time. However, he knows how to manage it and knows its value, that is why he avoids risks and will always prefer to be invited to be the one to bear the expenses.

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