The Rat Song

The Rat Song

The Rat (1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020)

Here is your song!

The rat is not easily known, it is mysterious and difficult to catch. It has many secrets that it jealously guards and gradually reveals them only to those worthy of its trust or when it feels the time is right. Because she hates to reveal her intimacy. She is mysterious, aggressive, magnetic and individualistic although if she is interested she knows how to be very sociable. Seductive and intuitive, she will tell little about herself but will make you talk without you noticing. Her goals will always be ambitious and to achieve them she will have no qualms about manipulating others.

Behind her apparent calm and self-control she hides a whirlwind of thoughts and a lot of tension. Although she always appears confident, deep down she suffers from a continuous identity crisis. In public she looks calm, knows how to adapt and is flexible. But inside she is nervous about losing or not pleasing. She was born dissatisfied with herself.

She has a sharp intelligence. She spends much of her time observing or rather dissecting the situation to ensure that when the time comes to act, she will succeed. She can be a good critic and counselor because of her analytical skills.

Her life is never boring and she does everything with intensity: loving, working, competing and above all talking. Because the rat has an opinion on all subjects even if he is not asked. Because he examines everything in detail he is able to discuss any little nuance. It is more talkative than chatty and although it may tire the interlocutor, what it seeks is a good conversation, a dialogue in which it is also offered answers.

She abhors routine, she needs novelty, adventure. She is very active and is always doing something or even several things at once, so she runs the risk of dispersing her efforts and weakening. But this does not usually happen, and at the end of the day she starts and finishes whatever work she sets out to do. But she likes to work well, she hates mediocrity and her projects are always important.

He was born to be a leader because he likes power, he knows how to get it and keep it throughout his life. He focuses on dominating and influencing others and does not accept second place. This behavior, which could be considered unethical, is because she is always looking for a place in society where she can feel comfortable and valued for who she is. Because she needs the affection and attention of others to release her hidden emotions. However, she rarely achieves true friendship because she does not open up or become intimate with strangers. She may only get one or two friends whom she can trust completely to share her intimacy. She is contradictory, needs social recognition but does not open her heart easily.

She is popular, funny and kind. She likes parties and social gatherings because she will seek the recognition and acceptance she needs so much. Loneliness hurts her a lot, she is afraid of being isolated, she suffers if a loved one rejects her and she can fall into excesses such as waste, drugs, gambling… and sometimes she stays there hooked all her life.

Another of her qualities is hospitality, and she does not hesitate to offer her arms and her home to those she loves… although once they have entered, the rat will ask them to do any task. It’s because he likes to involve others in all his projects. He spends a lot of money on his house, both on food and on quality decoration and furniture. But he is reluctant to help a friend financially or to do charity. In return, the rat will always stand up for his friends, hug them when they need comfort and offer them valuable advice.

It knows how to keep its back to itself and is always on the defensive, so don’t go exterminating it when it least notices. Choose carefully who she interacts with and don’t get carried away by any group. When she joins a group, she pretends to cooperate and adapt while buying time, concentrates on the target and suddenly jumps to the first position, forcing the rest to submit.

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