The Tiger Song

The Tiger Song

The Tiger (1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

This is the Tiger song of the chinese zodiac:

If something characterizes the tiger, it is its passion for life, which it conceives as a stage on which to laugh, dance, imagine, build and start the adventure. In him, emotions prevail over reason, freedom is the engine that moves him and if someone dares to cut it off, he will become a frustrated being. His life will always be intense, he will live on the edge of the abyss and will be happy in extreme situations.

He is impulsive, active, ardent and will take risks in every act of his life as if it were his last. But his audacity sometimes borders on unconsciousness, so that many times he will be reckless for pure pleasure or to attract attention.  Everyday life is not for him, who prefers emotions and jumps towards his goal. He does not like to obey, he prefers to command.

Deep down he is an idealist who believes in honour and justice and who has a romantic vision of life, which is why he suffers when he realises that reality is very different from what he imagined.

Personally, the tiger does not try to hide and shows himself as he is, with his exalted virtues and defects, although there are also more subtle types.

In spite of this image, deep down he needs to be encouraged and seeks the approval and affection of others, indispensable for his stability. He has emotional ups and downs but if necessary he knows how to make sacrifices. His existence is necessary in order to give life a joyful touch and to spread his enthusiasm to those around him.

The Tiger and Love

He doesn’t think of love as a sweet ride or like half-measures. He goes straight to the point. He is passionate and romantic, with a tendency to idealize his partner, whom he needs to admire. He dreams of a being that bewitches him and proposes fascinating adventures because he is bored by routine. He prefers quality to quantity, imagination to routine. That is why he loves the beginning of a relationship, full of magical and improvised moments. When she returns to reality, she is capable of sacrificing herself for her loved one and if the relationship ends, she will assume it rationally.

In order to seduce him, you must offer him endless adventures to avoid boredom, make each day different, encourage him in his projects and give him a lot of love.

The best partners for the tiger are: Horse, Dog and especially the Pig.

You should avoid the relationship with: Monkey and Snake.

The Tiger and Money

He likes money but not to treasure it but to enjoy it, because when he has it he burns it in his pockets, he spends it on luxuries because he loves them and is generous with his friends. He is not interested in getting rich from dirty business and if he does he will feel guilty and will waste that money.

He has intuition to detect where he can make money and he easily finds ideas or companies to look for it.  However, sometimes he tends to start projects just for the pure pleasure of creating and acting, without thinking about making a profit. Sometimes he is able to get rid of his assets to start any adventure.

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