Zodic songs nft collection

Chinese Zodiac Songs NFT Collection

This collection is at a standstill, I hope to start it soon.

The first collection of Dragon Dance Music NFTs will involve 60 owners, who will have the Music NFT corresponding to their birth date according to the Chinese zodiac calendar.

We will publish the exact steps of our road map in detail very soon.
Stay tuned!

Road Map

zodiac songs road map collection
Behind the creation of a Music NFT there is a lot of work. Creating a Music Nft is not only about creating art, it is also about creating a community that believes in the collection, and creating a solid and consistent itinerary.

NFTs Songs in the Collection

The Chinese Zodiac Songs NFT Collection are 60 musical nfts based on the album “The Chinese Zodiac Songs” released in 2018 Dragon Dance Music by Ernesto Martin Lopez.

Owners will be holders of a lifetime license to use their song in their personal projects, metaverse, youtube, web, etc.

The 12 songs of the Chinese zodiac represent each one an animal of the Chinese zodiac, and therefore a year of the Chinese lunar calendar. As a consequence they represent a date of birth.

Each song is divided into 5 nfts, each representing one of the 5 elements (variables that are introduced in the Chinese lunar calendar).

Example. If you were born after the beginning of the Chinese year 1974, your NFT will be the song “Chinese New Year of The Tiger” and your Wood element, your energy will be YIN.

Do you want to know what is your animal in the Chinese horoscope and what will be your NFT?
Watch this video to know the correspondence with your animal, element and energy in the Chinese zodiac.