nft dragon dance music collection

Dragon Dance Music NFT Music Collection

Welcome to the Dragon Dance Music nft collection!

This collection is an exclusive catalog, unique in the world, which is based on the most common rhythms of dragon dance music.

Each city represents the dragon dance in a different way, so we created different compositions for the possible representation in each city.

Do you want to have exclusive use of any piece from this collection in the future metaverse?

The owner of a dragon dance music NFT license will be able to use the song exclusively, that is only him, in the projects based on blockchain technology, metaverses, etc. He will receive a lifetime music license issued by Ernesto Martin who is the composer of this exclusive collection.

In addition you will also be entitled to a non-exclusive license, also for life, to use in any kind of personal project, such as youtube, web, twich, social networks, etc.

These music licenses are the ones that the author has been granting to different buyers, so it is not exclusive, but it is also included the lifetime use for the NFT license holder.

What is a Dragon Dance Music NFT

When you purchase a dragon dance music NFT you get the song and the right to use it through a music license.

The music license is exclusive to NFT holders and is issued by Ernesto Martin who is the composer of the music.

So what can you do with the nft?

The music of dragon dance music is distributed worldwide on platforms such as Spotify or Apple music amazon music and so on.

The artist has more than 2400 monthly listeners on Spotify and different platforms. Every year his popularity is growing more and more. Because of this dragon dance music is going to be revalued with time, another main feature is that it is unique.

If you are the holder of an NFT the dragon dance music you will be entitled to two music licenses:

An exclusive lifetime music license

You will be able to use the song without any restrictions in places where your en nft can be validated.
This can become any metaverse based on blockchain technology, you can make use of the song wherever you want within these blockchain platforms.

You will also be able to monetize any project where you use your song.

The license is exclusive with the author but no one else will be able to use the music in NFT that you have wanted within the blockchain.

A non-exclusive lifetime music license

As we have said before dragon dance music is distributed to streaming platforms since 2018 and has also been distributed on marketplaces to issue music licenses.

Many people have purchased a music license of the song to develop personal projects of their own, but they have purchased individual licenses and so they can use the song in a certain end product.

On this website you can also buy an individual non-exclusive music license if you want, here you can learn more about the licenses you can buy.

Still, being the NFT carrier you will have a non-exclusive license for life and to use it in any project you want and as many times as you want.

When you purchase the NFT you receive the music license and also the audio files, you can start pausing the song wherever you want but you can also get to sell yourself on NFT whenever you want.

What’s behind Dragon Dance Music?

The dragon dance music is an instrumental music full of ancestral feelings.

The music is composed to accompany the various stages of the Chinese New Year dragon dance. The abstract narrative is a central focus of dragon dance, and the rhythm of the music is used to accentuate the mood for each phase of the Chinese dragon dance performance.

This collection includes different compositions of dragon dance music.

To compose music of these characteristics it is necessary to study the different types of movements of the dragon dancers and to provide the music with certain dynamism and surprising changes so that the representation of the dance can have more possibilities.

All the compositions in this collection of dragon dance music NFT can be performed for any dragon dance. In many cases, the percussions and drums are played by kung fu experts therefore are also suitable for martial arts performances such as Kung Fu.

The musical accompaniment for dragon dancing involves various instruments. Drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments provide emotional background and suggest the movements of the dancers.

Although the music is often based on traditional Chinese percussions, it is also performed with the accompaniment of specialist drummers.

The performance is performed by highly trained professionals who also use a number of different drums. Here is a list of the most common types of dragon dance music.

The tempo of dragon dance music is 150-166 BPM. This tempo is considered fast by Western standards. This type of music is best suited for high-energy activities, such as a workout. Unlike other types of music, dragon dance music is generally characterized by a powerful dance vibe, so it’s perfect for any activity involving physical activity.

These instruments have been used for thousands of years in Chinese culture and are associated with Southern China.

Typically, the percussions are played in such a way that they mimic the movements of the dancers. These percussions have been part of Chinese culture for thousands of years, and are associated with the southern part of China.