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Epic music is the most sought after music because it can fit into any video because of its intentionality.
Epic music meets a wide spectrum due to the instrumentation and different genres, there can be battle epic music, action epic music, romantic epic music, choral epic music, etc.

In this article we are going to show you the best epic music in the royalty free market, try to listen to all the songs because for sure some of them are going to fulfill everything you need to include them in your video.
The characteristics of epic music are several but mainly, the instrumentation is usually classical.

However, there is hybrid epic music that mixes classical instruments with electronic elements, such as synthesizers, arpeggiators, or electronic percussion.
There are many composers who usually do this type of fusion with epic music, one of the greatest is Hans Zimmer.

Here you can find royalty free epic music inspired by Hans Zimmer.

But let’s have a look at the different epic songs.

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Royalty Free Epic Music Free Download

All this Epic Music is royalty free, you can download it and use it in youtube videos if you give us credit for it.

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Epic Music Playlists

Next we’re going to leave you with some epic music playlists.
We have made a classification of epic music in these playlists to make it easier to define.
Epic music can have different connotations and be based on different aspects.

Nowadays we are used to calling something epic when it moves us enormously

Epic Inspirational playlist

Epic Choir Music

Epic Dark Music

Epic Taiko Drum Music

Epic Workout Music Instrumental

Epic Music Instrumental

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