Epic Battle Music

Epic battle music is a style of music that is derived from epic music, where classical forms are used primarily and where the compositions are responsible for bringing to life projects that are related to the film industry.

In this case the scenes of battles and fights come into play, whether they are of 2 characters or bosses, or also soldiers’ battles.

The epic battle music can have a sad but intense character, it can also have a happy character of triumph.

At present there is no rule for this type of epic music, you can find a variety of composers and songs, the important thing is to choose the one that best fits the plot, for this it must be well classified.

That’s why in Mp3jungle we make sure that the titles always fit the music.

Royalty Free Epic Battle Music

Epic battle music is distinguished by a number of features such as great percussion and fast beats.
Sometimes there are elements of percussion that often call for war, how the snare drums and big drums.
Melodic and rhythmic motifs are also very important and sometimes rhythms are introduced with quavers accentuated as a key with the accents 3-3-2, even 2-3-3.

Often amalgamated rhythms are also used because this creates a lot of fuzziness and can give a lot of attention to the images.
We can have an Epic Fight Music that is triumphant and at the same time we can have an epic battle music that is dramatic.
By using major or minor chords we can achieve these effects, it is very important that the music has some climax moment where we can put together the greatest number of musical instruments.

Categories of the Epic Battle Music

Epic music is so called precisely because of how extraordinary and intense it can be, in addition to the sensations it transmits to the spectator. In this sense, it uses several styles divided into categories and which can be combined with each other in the same song, for example:


Vocal tracks are those that have one or more vocalists in their composition that are the center of all music, these can be used for emotional issues to reach the plots of terror.


The word mundial in this style is the equivalent to folklore, where you can appreciate several cultural and traditional bases of several regions, which are used, for example, in Viking or pirate plots, where the adventure also enters.


This style uses hybrid tracks that mix various genres among themselves, where they merge, for example, genres such as electronics with rock, which provide emotions and sensations to the viewer.


With this style it is not possible to determine exactly a musical genre, however in it you can find all the tracks that in one way or another generate a change in the mood of the viewer, as in the action or fantasy plots.

In what plots is epic battle music used?

Epic music is very broad in terms of the plots where it can be used, this is due to the great amount of emotions, sensations and moods that a spectator experiences in an intense way, emphasizing the characteristics of the film’s plot.

In this sense, the plots where the epic music tracks are most used are drama, action, adventure, horror, mystery, fantasy, among others that do not have a specific category.
The epic battle music must fit perfectly into battle images, whether they are of bosses or soldiers or aliens.

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