epic classical battle music with choir

Epic Classical Battle Music with Choir


Epic Classical Battle Music Royalty Free 

Files included 1 WAV, 1 MP3 ( High Quality) 320 kbps & 16 bit Stereo, 44.100 khz
Song Tempo 120 bpm
Length of the song 1:59
Vocal/Instrumental Instrumental witn orchestral, epic percussion and choruses
See Available Licenses for Epic Classical Battle Music Standard1 Million 10 MillionMass ReproductionFilm/Theatre
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This piece of music is really surprising because of its forcefulness, its complexity and beauty. I could almost say that rarely have I come across such a good song. Do you think I’m exaggerating? Then listen to it yourself.

This is autentic Epic Classical Battle Music with Choir

I am sure you will end up as fascinated as I am.

It is a song of excellence, with clear reminiscences of classical music but with a touch of epic and modern spectacularity.

This MP3 track is a musical beauty but at the same time has a heartbreaking and dramatic character. It has a totally classic style and the human choruses give it a melancholic and dramatic touch for battle.

The music grows, it starts with an introduction ideal to expose images of the rawness of a battle, imagine cinematic shots of drone flying over the scene of a battle.

Later we can hear the great percussions of the battle along with the string section.

As the song progresses, it takes on different characters, the instruments get more timbre height, this makes it not a repetitive audio track.

The epic classical music for a battle has to have changes in intensity and great percussions cannot be missing.

The harmonic changes give it a lot of personality and above all musical quality.

Without a doubt it is a great theme in the classic epic battle style. You can get this mp3 track with our five varieties of royalty-free music licenses that we have available.


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