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Epic Medieval Battle Music


Epic Medieval Battle Music Royalty Free 

Files included 1 WAV, 1 MP3 ( High Quality) 320 kbps & 16 bit Stereo, 44.100 khz
Song Tempo 95 bpm
Length of the song 1:38
Vocal/Instrumental Piano , strings and epic percussions
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This song is magical, as you can feel what you have traveled through time to the Middle Ages.
Due to its rhythmic and melodic motif it has a totally medieval character, it can evoke images of castles, or medieval battles, even large green forest landscapes, in short it reproduces beauty.

This music can also be catalogued within the Epic Celtic Battle Music.

Due to its melodic motif what is perfectly applicable for the 2 styles of battle music

The mp3 track begins with a soft but very melodic and rhythmic piano introduction, perhaps it is because of the choice of the musical beat with a ternary rhythm that gives it a character of Valls, which will take shape with a very catchy melody in the string section accompanied and gradually with great percussion.

It is an ideal medieval music for battle but can also be used to show adventures and even images of Celtic villages.

Medieval music is one of the most exciting themes that culture in the Middle Ages offers us.

It is not unheard of that the form of medieval music is a mystery.

Unlike other artistic manifestations that endure over time, the music disappears at the time of development and the only way to make it survive is through a musical notation that in the Middle Ages was either not used or was made in a very poor way in information, insufficient in most cases for a faithful reproduction.

What we do know is that the music of the Christians of the Roman Empire, of which the medieval one will be the heir, was based on already existing repertoires.

In the early days, medieval music received two palpable influences:

Hebrew influence.

The Hebrew way of singing based on long melodies and the importance of singing in worship is collected.

Greco-Roman influence.

From the classical world is inherited the musical theory with its modal system and the ethical and educational value of music expressed by Plato.

Musical instruments in the medieval world

One of the most interesting aspects of medieval music was the musical instruments used at the time.

Thanks to their representation in Romanesque and Gothic sculptures and to the codices, in which the Cantigas of Alfonso X are outstanding, they have been able to be reproduced and there are currently specialized manufacturers. Through their sound, we can get closer to what was medieval popular music.


This is a wooden wind instrument with a conical shape and double reed.


It is one of the oldest instruments of the humanity and that more appears represented.

Those that appear in the Spanish iconography are related to the Irish models.

In Romanesque iconography it is very common to represent not only men with harps but even animals.


a pulsed zither, with a body that can take on different shapes: trapezoidal, square, triangular or pig’s nose.


It is an instrument of great size of rubbed rope. It is characterized because the strings are inside and are rubbed by a resin impregnated wooden wheel driven by a crank at the opposite end of the pegbox.

The strings are selected by means of keys or pins. Given its size, it was necessary the intervention of two musicians, who held it on their legs.


Medieval chordophone instrument with three strings, played with a bow.

Its sounding board is pear-shaped and sometimes elongated. The neck is short and the pegbox was sometimes inclined to the right, until it finally adopted the shape of a sickle.

It was introduced in Europe during the 10th century from the Arab world.


It was an instrument similar to the Psalter, whose strings usually appeared in orders of two to four. It was played by hitting the strings with wooden hammers.


Medieval instrument of rubbed rope with oval or elliptical body, flat harmonic cover and pegs usually in the form of a disc.


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