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Music Licenses

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A music license is a document that entitles the holder to use a certain song for a specific time and for a certain purpose.

The license must detail what can and cannot be done with the audio track or song.
Therefore, there are different types of music licenses, so that all requirements can be covered in each case.

Music licenses are usually for commercial purposes. Depending on the circumstances there may be music licenses for:

  • Cinema or theater, such as movies or tv series.
  • Video games
  • Announcements
  • Youtube videos
  • web pages
  • Poscasts

Mp3jungle licenses all the music tracks you will find in this market.

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Music licenses are in fashion and today more than ever due to the continuous need to create content.
Behind a music track there are many creators ranging from the composer himself, to arrangers, producers, music performers, music industry multiples, among others.

And each of them has the right to get certain benefits every time the audio track is licensed.

🏆Types of music licenses

In Mp3jungle, we have adapted to the most demanded needs nowadays to license music.

That’s why with any of our music licenses you will be able to legally cover your work project.

On the other hand, independently of the licenses that we grant here, it is important to know the types of music licenses that have been working in the market since the music started to be part of any event, show or project.

In order to cover all the needs of each particular case, the different types of music licenses were born, which we will detail below and which it is always good to know.


✅Synchronization license

Whenever music is included in an audiovisual production, be it a video game, an advertisement, a TV program, a youtube video, etc. A synchronization type license is required.

This is the license for audiovisual producers as it is essential for the inclusion of a music in an audiovisual production, whatever the format of the video.

It is not possible to include any protected music in a video without this license.

If it is an own version of a pre-existing music track, a mechanical reproduction license would be required to make the recording, while if it is an existing recording made by a third party, a master license would also be required.

✅Master license

They are required for the reproduction and/or distribution of material previously recorded by other artists.

They are generally granted by the record labels that made the recording.

It should be noted that even though a work is in the public domain, its recording may not be, the rights of which will be held by the performers or the record label that corresponds in each case.

✅Mechanical reproduction license

This license grants rights to reproduce and distribute musical compositions that are protected under the Copyright Act to the public for exclusively private use.

It is necessary to record our own version of a song by another author, but also to export our video to a physical or digital format.

✅Print License

It will be required whenever you want to write, arrange, print, sell or offer someone else’s score or lyrics. Also if you want to include part of the lyrics of a song as subtitles in a video or include it in a booklet of a CD or DVD that contains it.

✅Public communication license

As its name indicates, it will be necessary for the public performance of a song or if it is intended to be publicly projected, either in a physical place or through the Internet.

Buying Music Licenses

If you are an audiovisual producer and you plan to use music in one of your videos you should ask yourself the following question.

Is the music that I am going to use in my video my own authorship?

If not, that is, if you are not the composer of the music you want to use, you should consider buying a music license that allows you to use that song in your video.
Whether it is to obtain income with your work or not, the best way to protect your work as your authorship without problems is to acquire a music license.

In most cases a sync license will do, they are cheap and affordable these days. You can get this kind of license right here from $15

Royalty Free Music Licenses

Definitely, royalty free music licenses are the solution to most of the works of any producer, whether amateur or professional.

Royalty free music allows you to license music in a faster and cleaner way.
In most cases without involving third parties.

In Mp3jungle, only exists the license with the client and with us.
In conclusion, it is a clean license that will allow you to benefit from your work without giving any credit to the author.

You have the right to use it for life and you will be able to motivate your work.
For more information, check out all our music licenses.

Youtube creators

Giving credit to the copyright holder of a work does not automatically give you the right to use it.

Before you upload a video to YouTube, make sure you have the rights to all unlicensed elements it includes.

If you plan to follow the fair use principle, your video may not fall into this category even if you add original material to someone else’s copyrighted work.

Therefore, we encourage you to carefully review the four factors that determine fair use and seek legal advice if necessary.

For the creators of Youtube in Mp3jungle we have created the standard music license for only $15