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Music Mass Reproduction

music license for mass reproduction

The music mass reproduction license grants the purchaser the possibility to use the musical work (the item) he has purchased on a non-exclusive way and worldwide, under the following terms:


  1. The ability to use the item to create a single final product: It can be incorporated into an audio-only or audio-visual work and combined with other elements to create a final product that is more complex and different from the initial item. Examples: background music, music for events, phone ringtone, radio and television commercials, music videos, movies or television series.
  2. Ability to use the item to create a final product that can be performed in public, broadcast on radio and television, distributed and reproduced in any environment, free of charge or for commercial purposes (subject to the limitations of clause ⚠️).
  3. Possibility of making physical copies and digital downloads of the final product in an unlimited way.
  4. Possibility of distributing the final product through various media (subject to the limitations of clause ⚠️) or making it available online for unlimited viewing or printing.
  5. Possibility to create a final product aimed at a single customer, transferring the license to that customer.
  6. Ability to modify the initial item or combine it with other products to create a final product. (Subject to the limitations of clause ⚠️D.).
  7. Possibility of making variations of the final product and distributing it through various media. Example: Create a reduced version of an advertisement or distribute a television movie via DVD.


⚠️Limitations on These Permissions

⚠️A. Radio and television broadcasts of the final product are limited to an audience of 1,000,000 people.

⚠️B. If the final product is a film, it may not be shown in movie theaters. Use of the product in an independent film or at festivals is permitted.

⚠️C. If the final product is a musical, it cannot be performed when the author of the item is registered with a performing rights organization.

⚠️D. It is not permitted to claim ownership of the original item or the modified item. Example: If you have edited the article to adapt it to a video, you are not allowed to claim rights to the music in the video.


⛔️This license does not allow

  • Only one use of the final product is allowed. Example: If you want to distribute a music video over the Internet and also broadcast it on television, you must purchase a license for each case.
  • It is not allowed to incorporate the item into an original music product that has already been created, even if the item has been modified. It is also not allowed to distribute it in this way, not even for free.
  • You may not use the ítem in products that can be modified physically or digitally by an end user. This would only be posible if a license was purchased for each end product that was created with the ítem.
  • It is not permitted for the end user to extract the item from the end product and use it separately.
  • It is not permitted to claim trademark or service mark rights on the item integrated into the end product.
  • It is not allowed to use the item for illegal purposes or use it to create a defamatory, obscene or degrading end product.
  • You may not use the item in violation of applicable export laws.
  • You may not claim ownership of the item, even if it has been modified under clause A.6.

Final consideration

This license may be terminated if any of the provisions are violated and the violation is not remedied. Termination entails stopping the allowed use of the final product until the item is removed from it.





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