NFT Music License

When you buy my nft song, you will receive a NFT MUSIC LICENSE like this with your wallet data and with my handwritten signature, the name of the song so you can use it legally.
You will also receive the audio of the song in mp3 and wav formats.
music nft license details

You will be the owner of the NFT of the song you buy.

You can use it whenever you want, wherever you want, for life, you can sell it.

You have the right to use it in metaverse games where it is validated by the blockchain. In your favorite social networks, next to your profile.

FAQs Music NFT License

You may have some doubts when buying a dragon dance music NFT.
The truth is that behind these music NFTs there is a physical person who is Ernesto Martin Lopez, here you can learn more about him.

As he is the author of the music art you are going to buy, he is the one who has to give you and validate the properties of your token.

Don’t be afraid to ask Ernesto is available to solve your doubts and calm your fears.

Is the use of my NFT song exclusive?

No. The song of which you have purchased the NFT may have been used in a project of a client who has purchased a music license on this website.

Therefore the song is in circulation but only you will own the NFT of it.

So what makes my NFT exclusive?

While it is true that the song is already distributed and may have been used in any project, you have been with a certain purchase license which in no way equals your NFT license.
As you are the sole holder of the NFT of the song, only you will be able to use the song on the blockchain and only you will be able to sell it.

Is the song currently distributed worldwide?

Yes, the song is currently distributed and enjoys some popularity.
You can find it on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, etc.
That is very good because your NFT will gain popularity over time and as soon as the blockchain is ready for royalty smart contracts you will be entitled to 10% of them.

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.


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