epic álbum nft

The Epic Album Collection

The Epic Album is an album which was composed by Ernesto Martin under the name of Dragon Dance Music in 2020. The Epic Album consists of 19 songs in the style of instrumental epic music.
It is a concept album inspired by the world of fantasy, video games and adventure movies.

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Now the album is for sale in Opensea by song, each song allows you to be the bearer of something exclusive and will also be a participation in Ernesto’s next musical composition.

Ernesto Martin is an independent artist so you can have an exclusive license of this song from the album, plus you will be entitled to 2% of the royalties of Ernesto’s next composition.

What can i do with this nft music?
If you buy this Nft music you will be able to use it exclusively in the metaverse and non-exclusively outside of it. See details of the included music license.

If you buy this NFT you will have

An exclusive music license for any metaverse.
A non-exclusive music license that you can use anywhere you want.
2% of the copyright and royalties of a song that has not yet been composed.
The composition of the song starts when all 19 songs of this collection have been sold.

There are 19 songs in this collection, when they are all sold out Ernesto will compose and release a new composition (The 20th NFT song) in the epic instrumental style and give each nft holder 2% of the royalties.