Royalty Free Music

The copyright of any musical work is always in the hands of the author of that work, who is the only one who can authorize its use or inclusion in a commercial project.

For each use of such work the author receives a royalty or payment.

The collection of such royalties in the case of music, is something that the authors usually give to copyright management societies or PRO as SGAE in Spain, or ASCAP or BMI in the U.S.

However, there are thousands of musical works identified as “Royalty Free” or “Free Copyright”, by which in exchange for a single payment or fee, the right to use such music forever in a project is obtained, without having to pay for each use made of it.

What is Royalty free music?

That is, you will not have to pay again each time your video is seen on Youtube, or each time your commercial is broadcast on television.

If your budget is limited and you need to use someone else’s music in your project, buying royalty-free music may be the best way to do it.

So , What music is royalty free?

All the music available in this dragon dance music is Royalty free.

¿What does royalty free music mean?

To be honest on this website the term Royalty Free means that you only pay once to use the music in your project. The price will be between $15 and $20.

In Dragon Dance Music we precisely sell licenses to use royalty free music for all kinds of projects under a royalty free license, that is, with a single payment you get the right to use a music for life.

…and this is how does royalty free music work!

Something important to bear in mind is that the royalties paid for the use of music are paid by the entities that broadcast the project, never by the producer, or by the person who pays for the project to be carried out.

That is, if you are a video producer hired by a company to make its corporate video to upload to Youtube, or to make its advertising spot to broadcast on television, the royalties for the use of the music in the project will be paid by the television, or in its case by Youtube, never by the client or the producer of the video.

If the music of your project is royalty-free, as in the case of Dragon Dance Music, you will only have to make a single payment, which will be the price of the license you need.

You won’t have to worry about anything else. This is exactly what royalty-free means, removing legal barriers and forgetting about problems with management societies for the use of music, and saving in your budget almost 90% of the cost of using commercial or custom music.

In mp3Jungle we offer different types of royalty free licenses so that the client can find the one that best suits the type of project or his needs

Buy Royalty Free Music

Here you can buy royalty free music or rather, royalty free music licenses.
In Mp3 jungle have a wide catalog with different styles of music, always with high quality music.

All our audios are of extreme quality, and we also include two files. A high quality mp3 and a Wav file.
We also include the license number of each track with your license purchase invoice.

Low-cost royalty-free music of the highest quality

Currently, we sell many music licenses per month and have worked with large markets.
Our specialty is 2 minute tracks, ideal for youtube videos or presentations.
We have different types of music licenses to suit the needs of the client, with any of them.
Check here our types of music license we issue.
Prices may vary depending on the type of music license purchase, but basically our basic licenses are very cheap and high quality.
In Dragon Dance Music a license of music roayalty free standard costs only 15$

Royalty Free Music FAQ

It is common to have many questions with royalty free music, so here you will find all these frequently asked questions.
Don’t forget to write us if you have any doubt about any type of our licenses.
One of the main questions that arise is whether a standard music license issued in Dragon Dance Music is valid to make a monetization with a youtube video, and the answer is YES, absolutely.
Still, the most important thing is to visit our information page about the types of Dragon Dance Music licenses.

Where can i get royalty free music for free?

Here you can find music for your use completely free of charge. You will only have to give credit to the composer through a link to this page

How to credit royalty free music?

If you buy a license for a music track here you will not have to give any credit.
If instead you use one of the free tracks available here you will have to give credit by linking to this website.

How to find royalty free music?

Throughout the internet there are numerous sites that sell royalty free music. You can research our jungle through the music categories and find the perfect track for your project.
Also the prices we offer here are much cheaper than in any audio market

What is the best royalty free music site?

We have to be honest, there are many markets for royalty-free music but none like this one. The quality and price we offer here is unbeatable.

Also our audio tracks are original compositions that are not based on patterns or loops.
Many mp3 tracks in these audio markets are made by non-musicians and only edit audio with library loops.
So it will happen to you, that when you buy a license for a track it may look like another one because of this.
This will never happen to you here because all our royalty free songs are composed by professional musicians.